Thursday, 4 September 2014

My last #firstdayofschool.

I feel old.

Of course, that sounds silly, I'm only 25, only a quarter of a century into my lifetime. But I feel old, like a huge part of my life is ending and like an even bigger and longer part of it is beginning. First class of the Fall 2014 semester was on August 26th, and there I was, hashtagging #firstdayofschool like everyone else on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Then I realized it was my last "first day of school" because I'm starting second year of a two-year program, and I'm graduating in May next year (if all goes well!).

It's not like I want to study anymore, I'm ready to finish school and be done with homework and not earning money, and managing TriSight is a full-time job in and of itself on top of working two part-time jobs, and I'm tired of being away from the love of my life and only seeing him during semester breaks or long weekends. I feel like I'm good at this student thing but it's time to move on into the working world, I'm ready, I'm ready to start a new life and get a job and have money I earned, and spend weekend nights at home in Texas watching old movies with my ticklemonster.

Ideally, of course, I want the kind of job where I work in the office 8 hours a day doing something good for the world and go home, so I can have that work/life balance and spend time with my family and friends and have time for all the little artistic pursuits I love so much. Like painting, and sketching, and making YouTube videos. Haha, I know, I can't have everything, so I'm prepared to take anything I can get - as long as it pays the bills and doesn't break the law!