Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday morning confessions.

What better way to kick-start the last Sunday of the month than with some shopaholic confessions? :D

4 months into my online shopping review blog, and I'm 8 pieces of Internet-procured apparel wealthier, hehe! But hey, at least I didn't pay cash for any of these outfits I've gotten online - so that's gotta be some sign of thriftiness, ey? :DDD I've earned every one of these by writing advertorials. :D

Now to unveil the collection thus far! :)

Vintage blazers from Cute Granny and Couple Birds.

The softest most comfy cotton tunic from Ministry of Clothes.
Gorgeous little dual-tone dress from Summeracres.

Vintage newspaper-print blouse from Sasha Vintage.
A studded belt from
Motte Closet.

And some pieces that have been put on hold for me
to be collected/delivered after my exams:

Striped black vest from Simpli-cious.
Colourful polka dotted tube dress from Vintage Adore.

Those last 2 are my self-proclaimed rewards for after exams. :D

In journalism classes, we learn a lot about how journalists have been getting more and more commercial - and issues of ex-journalists becoming PR thinktanks (which is one of my future job preferences, btw) as well as "envelope journalism". That means journalists are getting bribed to write good stuff. :D

But to be honest, everyone's gotta love the perks of whatever they do! ;) Freebies, gifts and perks are like bonuses of working hard & jobs well done. Unless, of course, you know you're going to write a crappy review for a restaurant, then maybe give back whatever envelope you received from the restaurant owners - because then you haven't earned your reward in their eyes. In my opinion, anyway. :)

Just like if someone buys something from you, and the quality of the item turns out horrendous or is flawed somehow - then either exchange it for your customer, or refund the profit you've received from him/her. Because you haven't earned it. I think that's the fairest solution to these disputes - which arise extremely often in blogshop transactions - and I wish everyone would just implement this as the standard answer already.

Anyway. Envelope journalism doesn't concern me yet. :P Advertorials are very clearly paid write-ups, and like PR personnel, my task is to promote the client as best I can. And I don't do "negative" reviews because I don't believe in criticising businesses - why ruin someone else's rice bowl? Time to put to use the age-old saying: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"