Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Who's the host?

After studying a monster movie in detail, I'm still not a fan of monster movies.
Or horror movies.
Or movies with any scary elements in them.
Or movies in which people die. Or get irreparably hurt.

But whether I'm a fan or not, one of my 3 questions to answer for my take-home Visual Test for Contemporary Film Studies, is about the Korean monster movie: "The Host".

This is a part of the scene that we're supposed to analyse: *Click here if you're curious*
Thanks to Martinmoviecompany for uploading that clip on YouTube and making my life a lot easier. :D

But I like the funny bits in The Host. :P There are really LOL-moments in the film. If you've got time to kill, you should totally check it out. :)

And now, let's spill the beans on some retail browsing therapy!

I wish these were mine:


Locally designed and produced. Only at Only at RM20!
I figure it could be my "uniform" when I go to events and bazaars. Ha ha ha!


Gingham pinafore. Totally my kinda thing.
Except I don't own anything like it... yet! ;D
Picture courtesy of The Owl Sisters. :P


Maroon tights. The new black!
Except I don't have legs as gorgeous as Bee Bee's. :(

That's all. See, there is an end after all! :P I'm not too greedy.

This is me. :D Tubby, chubby, smiley. That's not my dress though. Hehe! I was "modelling" it for Mechell's blogshop - it's called "Our Mutual Passion". :) (Edit June 6: Yeah, baby! It's my dress now! :P Advertising sure pays off!)

Picture credits to Our Mutual Passion

Speaking of maxi dresses, I've been wearing all my non-satin maxi dresses to uni! :D It's (one of) the most wonderful feeling(s) in the world! And it's totally an acceptable dress code now, more and more of my fellow Monash-ians are wearing maxi dresses to uni. :) Yay!

I really love how fashion-forward and open-minded Monash is. :D Apparently students from other universities and colleges think there is "peer pressure" in Monash to dress up and be fashionable... but I dunno... I like to be able to wear whatever I want to, and I think Monash has an environment that welcomes its students to dress however they wish. :)

Okie kokie. Bedtime! Gotta be up bright and early to catch the last round of presentations for Newsroom Practice & Theory. :D My last class for the whole semester!

All I can say is... I'm going to miss Mr Eight! Hahaha!!
Shaz, Shang and Mandy think that I've got the worst taste in the world, but... whatever! :P