Friday, 26 June 2009

Best flick ever!

Seriously, best movie I've watched all year: "He's Just Not That Into You". :D

I laughed and laughed and laughed, and went "awwwwwww" so many times - especially at the end, I mean, how much sweeter can the characters of Justin Long and Ben Affleck possibly be?

Ginnifer Goodwin's character totally had her fairytale ending. I've got such a silly, dreamy smile on my face right now - the kind where you're grinning to yourself like you've got a secret nobody else knows about. Haha, mannn, it's such a brilliant feel-good flick!

And I'm officially totally into Justin Long now. I always thought he played a super geek before this, but this film has made him a demi-god the likes of Josh Groban, Jon Bon Jovi, and Hugh Jackman in my eyes. No wonder at all why Drew Barrymore is his girlfriend! (If I Googled correctly)

Sigh! I think I'd better get a move on and find a boyfriend. I'm practically 21 and I don't seem bothered at all in looking. This is not good. :( Damnit! See how easily movies influence me!


KimberlyMay said...

Hahaha!!! Now you want a bf???