Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Say with me now ...

Exams are over!

Let's say it again...

Exams are OVER! :D

Let the celebrations begin!

"Look how far you've parked your car!" Jenny laughed.

Jenny still has an exam tomorrow.
Mine's over! Hahahaha - look who's laughing now! :D :D :D
Joking lah, Jen! :P We go celebrate together later this week kay!! :)

I have one glorious week to celebrate my big backside off before... going to Korea to celebrate even more, hahaha! :P Eventhough the idea of wearing masks for an estimated 3 hours in airports and on the estimated 6-hour flight is not a pleasant thought. :( Dang H1N1. :'(

On a lighter note, last night I discovered a gorgeous brown leather bucket bag that's been in storage at home for over 15 years! :D Mummy used it when I was a tot to carry my diapers, LOL. Some of the leather on the straps are frayed and peeling, but I don't mind! :) Now this is truly vintage. :DDD

Nadia and I bought a (pirated) Starbucks tee for Jung Ai for her birthday. Hehe! Coz the girl loves her Starbucks. To this day I have yet to drink Starbucks, but I'm not a coffeeholic, so no need-lah. :P Shangari, more San Francisco Buy-1-Free-1 coffee next semester ya! :D

Shang and I got Jenny a white laced blouse from Hearts Fashion for her "birthday". "Birthday" has to be in "inverted commas" because her birthday is in December but we gave her the present in June. Hahaha!

Jenny and I got Shang a Freebra (say with me now, freeeeedom bra!) from Our Mutual Passion
and a leafy autumn floral kimono from Ladies Fashion for her birthday. And on time, too! :D The photo above is from when we celebrated Shang's birthday on Saturday last week. Yeaaaaa... we were in the middle of exams, haha. Anyway, we watched "17 Again" in Pyramid. :) We love Zac Efron. <3

Speaking of exams, I feel extremely grateful and lucky to have survived another semester! :D And pretty proud of myself, too. :P But next semester, I totally want to buck up. Chillaxing, but working consistently hard at the same time. At least it's only one more semester of juggling YSK and schoolwork. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, Wikipedia, Jim Carrey, and ginseng tea for helping me sail through my exams. :) Me love you lots!

Now... to e-mail Leila and find out how everyone is doing in Iran! :(