Saturday, 27 June 2009

Money river.

Sungei Wang = Sungai Wang = Money River.

I love Sungei Wang Plaza. That's some seriously good stuff they have there. Total tally of the day = Super fun and memorable day out with the BFF for under RM100. Allow me to bore you with the calculations! :D
  • Taxi cab fare to Sg Wang from my house = RM14.90 (paid by Tse Mun)
  • 2800 denier black full-length, fully-covered hosiery = RM16.90
  • China blue patterned U-necked jersey kimono dress = RM25
  • Grey-topped, creamy floral high-waisted dress = RM25
  • Long long blue kimono dress = RM10
  • Taxi cab fare from Sg Wang to Bangsar LRT = RM8.80 (I paid)
  • LRT tickets to Kelana Jaya LRT = RM2.80 (I paid)
Congratulations, an entire day out on a determined shopping spree, and I spent a thrifty total of RM76.90 on clothes and RM11.60 on transportation. RM88.50 altogether - told you it was under RM100. :D Bearing in mind I haven't been to Sungei Wang in over THREE months. Will not mention Tse Mun's total wallet damage in case her kid siblings stumble upon my blog and blab it all to her parentals. :P

And I totally forgot to have lunch - shopaholicism is such an effective diet regime - which means I saved on that too! :D I'm so happy I'm actually losing weight. 2kgs in 2 weeks isn't bad, eh? Yayyyyy. I wanna have a happy ending like Ginnifer Goodwin's character in He's Just Not That Into You! :D My clothes fit better. :D I'm so happy that I actually fit into everything I bought today (Sg Wang's cheap clothes have a No Trying policy).

And we saw 6 people wearing masks in Sg Wang and outside Isetan. Just 6. I don't know if we should have worn masks and made it 8. Anyway, we have our personal sanitiser bottles. Like garlic necklaces to ward off vampires. :D