Friday, 5 June 2009

The end of the beginning.

Okay, okay. After a variety of my lecturers mentioned the movie in passing several times, I finally watched it. After it sat wilting away in my Film Studies folder for over a month, of course. Hee.

Anyway, I really liked it! It was a hilarious, hilarious movie. :D

The movie: Bend It Like Beckham.

Surprise, surprise - my favourite actress in the whole film was Keira Knightley. Hehehe. No, seriously. What surprised myself was that I didn't like the other main character at all - the Punjabi heroine. Not because she's Punjabi, but because she's a total backstabbing slag who flirts and falls in love and kisses the coach - who Keira Knightley's character has been in love with for aeons! :(

Watch the movie and you can totally see where I would have gasped in alarm and horror.

Anyway, what took me so long to watch such an awesome, brilliantly humorous movie? I guess I was turned off because it was in the "Documentaries" folder in the Film Studies network drive in uni - but turns out it wasn't a documentary at all. :P

Sorry, baby, but "Enron: The Most Boring Movie Ever Made The Smartest Guys In The Room" put me off documentaries for a long, long time. It remains the only film in my syllabus that I did not finish watching (and don't intend to!).

Oh yeah, and what made the movie that much better: Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing the coach who the two leading ladies compete for. :D Duh!

Speaking of devastatingly handsome men, guess who I just found out (through Wikipedia, of course!) Keira Knightley's dating...

Mr Wickham!! What a shocker, because he played a total turd on Pride & Prejudice. And turns out his real name is Rupert Friend. Hehe, what a Friendly name!

Who here loves his yellow pants? :DDDD

It's pitifully ironic how I idolise unimaginably slender Tinseltowners like Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan and Blake Lively, and yet am doing nothing whatsoever to lose weight. :(

Maybe I'll start... tomorrow. :P

Ooh I have pictures of my last day of this semester! :D Well, last day of class, that is.
It also means last day of my First Year classes for me. :P
Hehe fingers crossed I make it til the end... this time round!

Anywho - 2 photos!

That's my friend Samantha Lenkic (pronounced Len-kish), an exchange student from Monash's Clayton campus in Australia. There were about 50 Aussie exchange students at Sunway campus this semester, and I'm ashamed to say that I only barely spoke to like 3 of them - and only truly befriended one. Hahaha! We took that photo in the Journalism lab - thus the horribly unflattering lighting.

And that's my outfit for the Last Day of First Year! :D I didn't think I would wear that dress until I was thin (which means never), but then one day I sort of decided I would make it a point to wear everything I own. :D Just like how one day I made it a point to accept as many invitations to go out and meet people or whenever an opportunity to do something interesting arose - the power of "Yes"! Aaaand if I can't find a reason to wear it, then I should just sell it. :P Every girl has that seasonal wardrobe spring cleaning, hahaha.