Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sorely tempted.

I received another e-mail from Mr Strauss. They're becoming regular fixtures in my (personal) Gmail's inbox. Reading the e-mails makes it that much evident that he writes them himself, his own fingers clacking away at the keyboard a million miles away from where I am.

And he refers to the e-mails and inspiring stories he's received from people everywhere.

Seeing how he seems to check his own e-mail, I'm feeling sorely tempted to reply one of his e-mails with "I LOVE YOU NEIL STRAUSS!!" and see what he says. :P


Speaking of being sorely tempted, I'm sorely tempted to sell my soul for this gorgeous Kipling bag! Seldom do bags stir such strong emotions in me - dresses do, quite easily, but not bags or shoes - but this is one special lady (the bag!). :D

High quality Italian leather.
Adjustable strap (I do love versatility!).
Weirdly unique monkey clip.
Hope my dad can find this gorgeous bag, or a similar one! :D
I don't have any black bags... that I know of.

Sorely tempted thrice! :(
From a blogshop called Girl About Town.
But it's RM49, and I think it's too expensive for me.
With shipping, it would make it like RM53.
Dang it! Where can I find something like this?

Edit: I'm a real doofus. This blouse isn't even on sale!
I think it's just a picture from the Internet. Lol!

By the way, apparently it's a public holiday today.
Which is then replaced on Monday.
Which means I won't get all the stuff I'm receiving in the mail until at earliest, Tuesday.
I'm talking about snail mail btw, or rather, Pos Ekspress and Pos Laju, haha -
I've become such a postage expert thanks to the online shopping world!
Would never have learned about shipping methods and post office loopholes otherwise.
Not to mention business ethics, customer service, and most importantly, PR. :D

And I don't know if the campus library is open on Monday either! :S

Okie kokie (a phrase I picked up from Mind Your Language, LOL), going to get back to my Film Studies take-home test now. :P I did the Little Fish question last night, today I'm going to do (and complete! I insist!) the Batman Begins and The Host ones. :D

Let's not forget to thank Wikipedia for all its non-peer-reviewed assistance. :DDD