Thursday, 11 June 2009

I appreciate the badgering, really.

So happyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I'm getting the badges!

Courtesy of

The ones I'm getting are:

"I Heart Geeks" - yeah man, I always love my geeks! Mr Eight is a total geek. He wore a shirt that day on campus that had so many words on it, Shang, Ai and I couldn't even finish reading the sentence before he was out of sight. LOL! But geeky in a cute way of course :P

"I'm not a shopaholic, I'm boosting the economy" - I'm getting one for myself and one for Shaza, I think she might like it! :D We always say it to make ourselves feel better every time we raid Sungei Wang Plaza. Hahaha!

"Don't be trashy - RECYCLE" - This is for when Dr Sixy comes back :) :) Save the worrlddd, make it a better place~~ And I do care about the environment of course... at least a little. :P I do believe in recycling though! So I'm not a total hypocrite. :D

And Vanessa is going goodness knows where in August (I'll have to find out when we meet up after my exams!) so I want to give her something she can take with her :D This is where this badge comes in: "You'll always be my friend - you know too much!"

Last but not least, I'm finally getting a "Your Shopping Kaki" badge! :D Mei's going to design it for me. Whee! It'll be my little souvenier from the pet project of my shopaholic youth.

Ah, the sentiment!