Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Til death do us part.

Today I found the place where I am going to get my badges from...
for the rest of my life!

I'm such a hamster hoarder when it comes to badges and funny little things.
And websites like Seriously Serious are so seriously made for people like me, hahaha!

Anyway, as soon as exams are over, I'm going to get crackin' on what badges I want! Right now I love the "Almost Normal" one, "I <3>" one, "I'm not a shopaholic, I'm boosting the economy" one, and "Don't be trashy - Recycle!" one. Hahahaha!

*DREAMY SMILE* I should get my vest from Simpli-cious and then pin all those badges on to it, hehehe! Such a sucker for novelty items.

Anywho, this is my latest online treasure:

The shop's owner, Mei, is coming over tonight to deliver my precious new shirt! :D It's from Singapore - ooooh! Haha! Anyways, I got the one in black. :D It's totally perfect for me as super-clumsy person. And I love the quirky cutting!

Mei's also delivering Dawn's latest online treasure, hahaha - the hottest new cutting courtesy of Topshop! :D I was debating between this one and the one I ended up getting - but in the end I decided my hippo hips can't pull off the Topshop flared hems. :P

Now time to dig into those current affair quizzes, and hog my way through the last 24 hours before my journalism exam. I figured I'll just prepare for each subject as it comes... don't feel like prepping for international studies when journalism paper is the one that's on the day after tomorrow!

Wish me good luck, birdies. Drinks after June 23rd! ;)