Sunday, 14 June 2009

Rojak cravings.

I feel like eating Indian rojak.

That was the one thing I didn't hate about studying at Taylor's.
Taylor's was in Subang. And the Indian rojak stall was nearby it.

And now that I don't study there anymore, we don't go there anymore.
To buy the Indian rojak.

You lose some, you get some, eh? :P

Anyway, Mummy introduced me to a new Indian rojak place.
It's in SS2. I love the Indian rojak there!

Notice how many times I said the word "Indian" rojak.
Not the ethnicity I'm emphasising, okay. It's the type of rojak.
There's Indian rojak, Thai rojak, Chinese rojak, all sorts of rojak.

Chinese rojak is all fruits. The only thing I like about Chinese rojak is the cracker.
I've never tried Thai rojak before.

But Indian rojak is my favourite kind of rojak.
There's lotsa crispy, crunchy stuff with awesome sauce and fresh, cooling cucumber strips.

I must remember to go and buy Indian rojak tomorrow.
From SS2. :D

You know what else I'm craving for?

Yellow quilted sling bag from Alice Wonders
Designer-inspired (think Coco Chanel)
Whopping RM49

So yellow, so happy! A long kinda bag.
Man oh man oh man. What a bag!

But to people reading this, don't go buying this bag for me just because I blogged about it here.
Ahem. It's happened before that I buy something I blog about and someone else also buys the same thing for me - so, don't ya! Lol. I'll find means of earning things that I really want. :)

Edit (15/6): I believe in miracles! That yellow bag is now on its way to my house, via express courier! :D We worked out an advertising arrangement. I love Alice Wonders!

Edit (15/6): My badges from are with me now! Aww, Mei is the sweetest darling! She gave me a surprise gift in the form of a big Your Shopping Kaki badge (in addition to the small one I bought). :D I'll definitely be wearing it to bazaars and events! :D