Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Hahaha, maybe I will start following news and current affairs after my exams, after all! "Studying" the news for Friday's journalism exam might be doing a good thing for me in the long run, even though exam stress is only just starting to set in on me. Well, not really either. Definitely not the kind of crazy stress from Law(st) School. Ahh, the relief! Every time I feel a down creeping on me, I just have to tell myself: "Hey, you're not in law school anymore!" and I feel grateful beyond grateful for life.

So, as usual for exams in my beloved School of ASS - I'll just try my best. :P

Anyway, this is particularly hilarious: *Click to read full article*
"An unidentified backbencher was heard calling Lim "bastard" and "anjing" (dog) which the opposition retaliated with "woof woof"."

"I didn't say Umno gila, what I meant was gila kuasa (power crazy). Some people are just too sensitive. And how can bastard and anjing not considered offensive but gila kuasa is?" said an unrepentent Lim."

But read this heartbreaking piece! :( *Click here*
Is the judge out of her mind? Why is she punishing the small fries so severely? It's not their fault that this country's hottest trend is Bootleg with a capital B. :( Besides, we love our pirated stuff. It's practically a tourist attraction. It's bad for the artists, but good publicity for them - and contrary to what the crazy judge said, it's good for the economy! People come to this country to get pirated DVDs.

Man oh man.

I think that newspaper archives are beginning to look a lot like Hollywood tabloid magazines.