Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Love of my life.

I never expected the love of my life to arrive in a courier truck.
I couldn't resist squealing in excitement as I took the big pizza box from Mr Delivery Dude.
Nearly dropping the pen in my overenthusiastic signature.

And then...
It was time to open The Box.

So this is what true love feels like.
The infatuations of my teenage years, the heartthrobs of my youth, even Josh Groban...
All of them faded into the background as I opened the box and found my yellow bag inside!

Hello, world.
This is my favourite yellow bag in the world!
Oh, the joy!

I would sleep with my yellow bag on the pillow beside me, but Mummy insists I keep it in the dust bag... in the drawer.

Oh the treachery. :(


juney said...

Cute! :D

(Both you and your bag. Haha)