Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Thank goodness.

48 hours away from exam time, thank goodness for Wikipedia. Seriously. No need to search through endless history textbooks for the answers, when everything I need to know for an exam is a Google away. :D

Mum says there's a lot of things I've always wanted, but I know for a fact that one of the things I've truly always wanted is a denim vest. :D Like, just check the archives in this blog, right? Haha! And I'm finally getting one! Thanks to Melissa from Twinkle Collection who is basically sponsoring my vest. :D

Denim vest from The Shoplifters

This vest will look awesome with my new yellow bag. :DDD

I guess when my stint at Your Shopping Kaki is up next year, one big part of it I'll miss is finding ways to shop online without actually paying money that is mine. :) It's a trade-off between Options A and B.

Option A: All I have to worry about is uni. There is no commitment or responsibility to my advertisers or readers.
Option B: I have to worry about uni and YSK, but I earn my shopping through advertising. I also get to meet lots of people I would otherwise never meet, and learn things I would otherwise never learn. Oh, and I earn money. :D Only a tiny bit of advertising is traded for things I want to buy, the rest is in glorious cash! :D Of course, if you total everything up and divide it by 12 months, it's less than what the neighbourhood security guard earns in a week. :(

Which would you choose?

Either way, I'm in it for a year with YSK. :) And then it's on to the next great adventure! :D

Ok, back to Wikipedia now!