Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I do not feel well. :(

Stop panicking - it's not H1N1. I just feel severely unhealthy. :( All the holiday junk food and desperate lack of exercise (other than the 10-hour shopping sprees) from sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours watching reruns or doing YSK-related work is really starting to get to me... hard! :(

Killer headache. And general feeling of unhealthiness. :(
Tomorrow: must get up early and actually squeeze in a workout.

I do not feel well! :(

P.S: I just wanna put these pictures on my blog.

I kinda like the caged dress: Oh My Clothes but I think it's too small for me.
Right pic credited to Uber Love:
What I really want is that faux leather croissant cincher - from Kitschen in 1-Utama.

The first time I saw it and tried it on, it didn't fit. Haha! But when I went with Tse Mun yesterday - and tried it on again just for fun, it fit! And I really, really love it. But it's RM35.90 (after 10% discount). So that sucks. :( Yesterday was the 3rd time I went to Kitschen just to say hi to the croissant cincher. I hope it goes on 50% discount. Sigh.