Monday, 6 July 2009

Oh, feet.

My wedges are strange shoes. No blisters, no sign of scarring ...
But oh, there is pain. Torturous, throbbing pain.

Well. After 8 hours of walking, who can blame 'em? :P

First, Tse Mun and I ventured to a virtually non-existent "warehouse sale" - not a warehouse, sales were totally not worth a second glance, and there were a total of 5 shoppers in the whole place. The only thing fun was figuring out how to use the GPS to Mont Kiara! Hahahh.

Then, all of us decided to call it quits in about 10 minutes, and drove all the way back to where we belong - the shopping havens of Klang Valley. Then we spent the entire day in 1-Utama. :D

Allow me a moment of peaceful reflection while I bask in the glory of my grey M&S knitted cardigan. More or less on 50% discount. Original price: RM179.00 *your cue to gasp!*

Soft as a marshmallow, so wonderfully long that it covers my rear end (imho, the perfect length!), and a very nice shade of grey. Purchased only after obtaining the parental stamp of approval. :D I can't wait for the new semester at uni to start just so I can wear my new cardigan. :DDD

I consider it official BFF memorabilia. Tse Mun's sprouting wings to fly to Adelaide on Monday. :( But I'll always remember the cardi I bought when I was with her, doing what we love most: Shopping. :D

On a less self-absorbed note, who's up for a trip to SPCA this weekend? :D They're having the annual Jumble Sale on the 26th of July, so they're taking in second-hand items in good condition. :) Books, clothes, miscellaneous items. :D Just visit their site to find out more:


Anonymous said...

I'm no longer quarantined!
Lets go out, I miss you sooooooooooo much :(