Thursday, 20 August 2009

I love funny people.

Not that I've seen the movie yet, but I mean that quite literally. I love funny people. I'm also still madly in love with Neil Strauss and Jeremy Blachman. They're writers of really funny books, in case you've never heard of them before this.

I haven't thought of them in a while, because Mr Strauss was AFK (Away From Keyboard) and didn't send any love letters e-mails to us, the citizens of his mailing list, for aeons. But I received an e-mail from him today (where he misspelled my name AGAIN), saying how he's been spending time reading "our" e-mails to him.

Which makes the unreachable superman, reachable. Exciting yet terrifying thought. Just like Jeremy Blachman, whom I emailed (yes, like a crazed fan and half a nutter - but my e-mail was two lines short from "WILL YOU MARRY ME? xoxo, Mrs Blachman"), and he actually replied my e-mail. Cue the dreamy smile. :) :) :)

I've decided I adore Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill as well. They're not classically gorgeous, but after watching so many of their films and cameos, I can't help LOVING them and their sense of humour! Sigh. Do you think they'd be nice to me in real life though? Like if I just went up to them and said "Hi, I love your work!" like the 10,000 people who approach them each day?

I'm totally not equipped to interact with famous people. One time, I saw Dato Rafidah Aziz on the plane and the KLIA train thing, and I practically hid behind my mum - giggling nervously. Mum says that even if Josh Groban was standing right in front of me, I'd run away and hide.

Meanwhile, I've set my sights on studded DIY projects. :D I'm thinking the mandatory studded gladiators, for starters! And a studded vest! And maybe add more studs to my studded belts if I have studs leftover. :P Inspired by Yasmine Tran, of course! I wish I could buy a packet of 100 studs from the U.S. of A, because it's only USD$3.30 here. Unbelievable, right? That's less than RM12. Unfortunately, it costs like RM100 to get anything shipped to Malaysia from America.

So instead, I'm going to have to choose between waiting (forever) for someone to go to Petaling Street so that they can help me buy a packet of 50 studs for RM10 - or buy 50 studs off my friend for RM25 right away (she paid for shipping from U.S.).

I choose immediate gratification. Life is too short.

Edited 20 August: Change of plans! Amidst my raving about getting 50 gold studs for RM25 (at 50 sen each), my other friend is helping me buy silver studs from Bangkok for 20 sen each. :) Which is perfect Petaling Street price, yayyy. So looks like I'll be getting silver studs instead of gold (which is what I wanted). :D Only thing is it comes in big big big packets - so I'm getting 200 silver studs. :P I'm trying to hide my glee, but I'm not really bothered. Hehehehe! As part payment for advertising, too.

PS: Two movies you and I absolutely must watch: Talentime and Sell Out!