Saturday, 19 September 2009

And she said, "I have a dream".

Martin Luther King Jr. said it, and I'll say it now. Spurred on by the unexpected success of Your Shopping Kaki (and its impending conclusion) - I have a new dream:

I'm gonna lose weight and weigh 55-60kgs.

Oprah totally did it once, right? I love Oprah :)

Apparently for my height (168cm or 5'6"), I'm supposed to be 140lbs (63kgs) according to "Western" calculations - but according to Malaysian charts, I think I'm supposed to be like 55kgs (121lbs), max. So with some compromise, anywhere between 55-60kgs should be a-okay. :D And I know my friends in school (and Hollywood actresses) weigh like 45kgs, but I totally am not willing to lose that much weight! :( I'm definitely not one of those naturally thin people who are effortlessly burning more calories than they can consume... which is why Beyonce (who gave Taylor Swift her "moment" at the VMAs, ahahaha, is such an inspiration to me!): *Click here to read why*

Okay, okay, so you haven't like never read this whole great weight-loss idea on my blog before. But I'm serious! I've realised what a chubby, chinless face I have on camera, and I guess the not-totally-untrue stereotype is that you have to be not fat to be really successful. Plus, I'm getting more and more pressure from The Extended Family every year that passes to (1) be smart, (2) be thin, and (3) get married. It won't be very long before they pile on (4) have lots and lots of babies, but that's a story for another time.

So yeah! Lose weight, lose weight, LOSE WEIGHT. I'm sick and tired of being constantly told to lose weight - so I'm guessing that once I've actually shed the extra pounds, people will Stop Bugging Me!

Plus there's always shopping to look forward to once I've lost weight. :D

P.S: I've already started :P This is for my "thin collection",
courtesy of Sensual Seductionz.