Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Stud Fest '09

Do you ever wonder what we do in a Media, Culture, Power tutorial?

Shang was the bourgeoisie, and I was the proletariat!

Besides that, remember when I blogged about my DIY goals? :D

DIY Studded Vest: Accomplished!

I didn't dare make it too OTT in case I ruined the whole vest, but I like it this way! :D It's simple and nice, and the studs are outrageously shiny. Studding this vest literally took my blood, sweat, and tears - well, not the tears - but blood, yes! My thumb accidentally slipped when I was pushing one of the studs into the vest, and the sharp pokey point of the stud speared under my thumb's nail... aaaaahh! LOL I make it sound a lot grosser than it was. But imagine BLOOD, lots of BLOOD.

But my thumb is ok now. Thank you for asking. :P

I also made 2 studded belts - halfway, technically, since I've studded them but haven't put in the clasps (that means haven't gotten mum to put in the clasps, haha!). Mum and I went craft-shopping (and food-shopping as well, since we were in SS2) in SS2 and bought rubbers (not condoms). But rubber. The elastic for belts.

To set my studded obsession into context, these are all the studded things I own so far:

Double-straight row silver-studded belt: DIY
Gold-studded white elastic belt: DIY
Studded black vest: DIY
Studded panel belt: Forever21, RM22
Bronze-studded belt: FOC (came with a tank dress from Parsealed)
Gold-studded black belt: FOC (wrote an advertorial for Motte Closet)
Studded bangle: Came in a set of 4 bangles from Nunfish (RM25 total)
Studs: From Eff Bombs

Still waiting for my last batch of silver studs from A Bit Of Everywhere. Then I'll play through them all by studding everything that keeps still long enough, hahaha!