Monday, 7 September 2009

Fly me to the stars...

Whoa! :D Stellar Monday news!

This morning at 7-something, the DJ of Fly Fm mentioned Your Shopping Kaki on the "Pagi Show"! Needless to say, I totally missed it because I was asleep - but yay, I'm so happy! :D

I was told that the DJ said there's a blog called "Your Shopping Kaki", written by a 21-year-old named Pung Sha-Lene, and told the listeners how awesome the blog is and how it has everything about online shopping under one site! :D *Click to see what else I was told!*

So when I came online this afternoon, I got a bunch of e-mails and messages from readers and first-time visitors telling me about it and congratulating me. Heheheheee!

This is the best public holiday ever! :D And my day's only just begun.. seeing as I just woke up not long ago. Hahaha!