Monday, 7 September 2009

Self Reward System

One of my many armchair principles is that, in order to keep yourself motivated, you have to practice the SRS - ak.a. Self Reward System.

Whether it's pigging out with hundred-dollar Lindt chocolates or a big unhealthy American cheeseburger at TGIF, you have to keep rewarding yourself everytime you get something done right! :D

The SRS rocks. For some strange reason, I seem to have branched into designing advertisements for blogshops - so I had my first "client" a couple of days ago. I told her she could pay me whatever she wanted to, and only if she was going to use my designs. So I designed three ads for her, and a fourth banner to use for her blog. To my delight, she liked my designs very much! :)

Here's where the SRS comes in: she wants to pay me RM50. As this is totally non-YSK-business-related funds, having earned it on a just-for-fun basis, I'm siphoning RM45 from it to a lovely cream-coloured floral dress from Doublewoot. The remaining RM5 goes into my bank account. :D Happy!