Thursday, 22 October 2009

Are you kidding me?

The electricity's gone out again today.

If you're wondering how I'm still online, it's because the electricity's come back - but only to certain appliances! WTHeck, right? So I have Internet and the fan downstairs is working, but not my room's fan or air-conditioning.

This is worse than when the electricity went out a couple of weeks ago, at like 4am, but everything came back to life after 20 minutes or so. But the next day, nobody believed me. My mum insists I dreamt the whole thing. :(

AIR COND PLEASE COME BACK TO LIFE! At least the fan, please! Omg. :(
Totally doesn't help that the sun is boiling outside.

Photo of 5 out of 6 members of my Malaysian Cinema "Durian Project" :)

We did our pitch yesterday - no filmmakers came to judge us, but there was another lecturer at the back of the hall, and after our presentation she said, "I would pay to watch that movie."


Stole at least one of my friend's laptops. Caught on CCTV. Has not yet been caught.
If you recognise him (he's a Monash student), rat him out!! >:(