Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mrs Klutz.

Today I wore a dress in this exact print, but did not realise at all that it was a replica of Anna Sui's signature design and colour. LOL. It's also really funny because I accidentally tore the front of the dress. -_- It got caught on one of my many studded accessories (which I was removing because they didn't go at all with the dress).

Once upon a time I saw an Anna Sui bag in like TESCO or something, but mum didn't let me get it (the imitation ones retail for like RM20) because she thought it looked like an "auntie" bag. :( Now I'm over Anna Sui imitations (since I don't have any) but I just stumbled upon this Liz Claiborne design, and it looks so pretty! I am so totally gonna get an imitation of this next time. :D Or something like this. One of those "-inspired" things.

Speaking of "-inspired" things, my mini-product review on Chanel-inspired bags seems to be spiralling into this monster review on too-many bags. I was supposed to end up with five Chanel-inspired bags and review them: my special yellow one (long since in my possession), a red, black, pink, and white.

But when other blogshops got wind of the review, some of them wanted in too. Sooo now for some reason, I'm going to have a total of SEVEN bags - all very similar, and some of them probably in the same colours. LOL. My favourites are the yellow (duh!), red, and white. I'm still waiting for a pink, another white one, and another I-dunno-what-colour one.

Oh and the uber-difficult Media, Culture, Power essay was definitely reflected in everybody's grades across the board! It was a 2000-word compare & contrast piece on liberal-democracy and the Althusserian approach, and I had no idea how to do one of the six parts of the essay - but while I really thought I was going to do horribly, I didn't do so bad. :D Happy la!

Meanwhile, my Malaysian Cinema pitch is tomorrow, and my Malaysian Cinema essay remains 1% completed. Yes, you read that right. 99% not done. Oh, hohohhoho. :P