Saturday, 21 November 2009

Every day deserves to be a holiday!

Whoa! Exams ended on Thursday (12th November) and it's already Saturday (21st November)! How did I spend my first 9 days of summer break? Well I don't feel like I've done that much, but here's to not forgetting how I hopefully haven't been wasting my holiday :P

Chill time. My first ever visit to Cotton On. :D Totally my new favourite store in 1-Utama.

Bazaar #1: KBU's Pink Bazaar. Reviewed it for YSK. Worked for Mei. :D
Learned to fix up racks. Learned how hard it is to be a bazaar vendor.
Learned how to fold clothes... more or less :P

I helped decorate the wall and table! :D

Bazaar #2: Chic POP Street Market at Zouk, KL. Did a massive event review for YSK. Also helped Mei at her booth again! :) And met some cool people from Tongue In Chic, including Karen Wong. She's seriously so nice! :)

Pictured above: That's Karen in the grey cardigan!

I still can't believe Karen took my picture for a Style Shot. Omg hahaha.

Konked-out-exhausted from the very physical weekend! But whenever I'm home I basically have to work on YSK, what with multiple blog posts to write every day and all. :) Most of them are advertorials, as you've probably guessed from my previous blog posts here about how I overestimated the amount of time I had to blog before 2009 ended!
Summer job 2009 = Full-time blogger.

Remember those 2012 tickets I got for free, courtesy of Yahoo! Youreka? :D Went to 1-Utama with Mummy on Tuesday to watch the movie! :D My mum hasn't been in a cinema in like ages, so I was really excited to show her that cinema theatres are no longer the dingy, awful places she remembers. I mean, GSC is movie-watching luxury, second-best only to living-room home theatres! And 2012 was awesome. So was the popcorn. :D Eventhough it was probably soggy from me crying three times during the movie. We also tried the restaurant called "The Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe" that Daddy asked us to check out. Great decor, so-so food.

Went grocery-shopping with Mum to Giant. Hahahaha. I like grocery-shopping. Oh and I bought a pair of wonderfully comfy, wonderfully long black "yoga pants" at the bazaar in front of Giant! :D Not bad considering I don't know how to do yoga at all. Lol. I just like calling them yoga pants. It's really hard to find pants in Malaysia that are actually long enough for me, takng into consideration the size of my butt and my height! RM27 can buy you happiness. :D

I also bought this cushion cover for RM5. I'm gonna turn it into a tote bag! :D

I don't know where Thursday went. Lol! I think I woke up at 3pm, so my day was kinda super-short and spent in front of the laptop.

Dragged Mummy to 1-Utama because I had Sushi Zanmai cravings. :D And guess what I managed to buy from Forever21? A beanie! A purple beanie! Couldn't capture this particular gorgeous purple on my camera, so you're looking at a different colour in the photos below. :P Anyway I bought it for only RM25. Yayyy. :)

My collection is complete! Three very different types of beanies -
the grey one is from H&M in England (I think) - a present from Daddy :D -
and the pink one is from Flaunts.


That's today. :P In the morning, I received two pieces of clothing - one was a white bustier top from Little Angel Shoppe, and the other was my custom-made yellow maxi dress from Elegant Extravaganza. :D I still think it was/is super super nice of her to manufacture a separate piece for me because I needed the length to be 51 inches. :) :) :) Plus I picked this colour! A pale, creamy yellow. This dress has literally been months in the making, lol. I'm so glad it's finally here. :)

So now I have exactly 10 maxi dresses. :D And yes, I actually wear them - all the time!

Then in the afternoon Shaza came to pick me up for an impromptu shopping spree. :D Happy belated birthday, Shaz!! :D She turned 21 yesterday. Hohoho. We went to Sungei Wang (duh! our shopaholicism house of worship) and then when we got bored and hungry (you get really picky when you have more than enough clothes :P), we went to Pavilion to have an early dinner at Madam Kwan's. Also because Shaza claims the Malaysian Mega Sales have started. But I'm telling ya, the REAL sales totally haven't started yet! All the "inverted comma sales" are the ones which are on right now. :P

I can't wait for the REAL sales to start. Especially at places like Nichii and Marks & Spencer... when these places go on sale, they REALLY go on sale! :D Also checked out the Forever21 outlet in Pavilion - definitely the biggest of its outlets I've ever seen, ever! it's like Disneyland for pretty things. And checked out the Cotton On outlet there... definitely bigger than 1U's, but the staff are such SNOBS. Really. It takes one to know one, I know I can be a real snob sometimes, and some of the staff at Pavilion KL's Cotton On outlet are really, really snobby. It's a really easy comparison to the 1U outlet, where the Cotton On staff are really nice and friendly. Maybe because the Pavilion outlet is utter chaos, with frantic shoppers packing up the place... but I wouldn't want to go back to that outlet again.

Don't you hate it when salespeople are snobs? I thought "customer service" was at the forefront of their priorities. Most shops in Sg Wang have really friendly salespeople, but sometimes you get royal sourfaces. Like today there was one turdface who was totally unhappy because I found DEFECTS with all of the studded waistvests I wanted to buy. So because all of them were defected and the turdface was uber unwilling to be a little less like a turd, I just put them back on her table and we walked out. I'm sure turdface didn't care either way!

The day's haul from Sg Wang for yours truly. :)
Cotton patchwork-print dress and a lace-denim zipper dress :D

I actually bought three dresses today but due to a really stupid sizing mistake on my part (read: I thought my bust was the same size as my waist, LOL), I'm reselling the third dress (not pictured: cut-out back thunderbolt dress) to an online shopper.

Aaaaand that's my week. :) How has yours been?
PS: An Nie's officially moved into her new house! Can't wait to visit! :D Leila went for surgery and I didn't know til a few days ago, omg.. I can't wait to see her soon!