Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Today I said no to the apple.

I think I just overcame my biggest online-shopping temptation EVER. For 20 minutes I was staring at the two dresses, wondering which one I liked better - and if I could decide, which one I would buy - if I decided to buy.

But eventhough I'm "YSK" and all that, shopping online for me is harder than anything else - I can't really explain why, but it kinda feels like going behind my parents' back, so I've never done it without consulting with mum first. Unless, of course, I'm doing my advertising trading thing again - but I haven't done that in a long time under normal circumstances.

SO, when this plus-sized bustier dress came along at only RM29 (even with Pos Ekspres it's only RM33), I was really, really, really tempted.

From Paper Doll's Dresses, RM29

Firstly, I'd seen the same dress in another blogshop (pictured below) for RM59. That's a big price difference! Secondly, because the plus-sized model in the blogshop below could fit into it, that meant I would be able to, too.

From Trendy Confessions, RM59

But here I am, blogging about how I said no to the apple (of temptation). I didn't need to resist it, but after staring at it for 20 minutes struggling with myself, I reached a point in my train of thought where I just said "no".

That's quite cool huh. :P Didn't know I had it in me.