Saturday, 7 November 2009

"God put those there to test my faith, dude".

I gotta admit, I have a tendency to underestimate & overestimate. Especially when it comes down to a battle between the power of temptation and my will-power.

From Myfavouritees, RM35

Take, for example, when I assured myself and everyone around me that I wasn't going to buy anymore new clothes under normal circumstances in Malaysia for the rest of 2009. Okay so that already came with a lot of contingencies - but no outright unnecessary buying. And I've actually kept my word, so it really sucks when temptations come along - especially clothes I love that are also affordable! It literally comes down to a physical chemical battle in the brain.

The tank dress above would've been powerful enough a temptation, until I saw this wonderfully weird slashed studded tank top.

From Nunfish, RM30

Oh I just uploaded all the pictures here so that I can make something similar myself and refer to these pictures. :P All I need is a tank top, a blade and studs - which I'm sure I can get easily, right? :D With every problem, there is a soluton! :D I've already found articles, it looks totally DIY-able! :P Click and click!

Anyway, this steadfast resolution of not buying new clothes sucks in a way and rocks in another. It sucks because I know I can easily buy or get those things that I want (and I'm not getting them), but the point (which "rocks") is that I have to learn to say "No" to my whims. Like a mental torture training exercise. A twisted game of refusing myself to test how strong my willpower is.

Also because it effing pisses me off when people think I can't do it. Like fellow shopaholics who say I'll never make it til the end of the year. Because I totally CAN. In terms of not buying or even trading for any clothes (existing store credit obviously doesn't count, because store credit is wasted if I don't use it up! :P) - I've lasted more than a month.

Ha, ha, ha. Wish I could say the same when it comes to food.