Monday, 9 November 2009

A little bit screwed.
Nathan Marlow, from Big Brother USA Season 4

It's Monday afternoon, my exam is on Thursday morning - and I can't help feeling just a little bit screwed. :)

Talk about inappropriate smiley faces.

Besides being effing in love with Nathan Marlow from Big Brother Season 4 (which QuirkyDude has uploaded on YouTube, along with the entire Big Brother USA seasons, omg I totally know what I'm gonna be doing throughout the WHOLE BLOODY HOLIDAY), which I was watching for academic purposes ...

I'm pretty sure I'm screwed. I'm just going to be working my oversized posterior off for the next 60 hours, which is about 30 hours of real work maximum. Sigh. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

Once again I've underestimated the difficulty of Media Texts. With 56 marks in the bag and the hurdle requirements waived, I guess I grew a little too overconfident. :( With the exam weighing a solid 30 marks, I still need 14 marks for a Distinction, 19 marks for my scholarship, and 24 marks for a High Distinction.

I'm pretty sure that last one's slipped outta my fat lazy fingers. Passing mark for this last exam is 15 out of 30.

And here I am, trying to figure out whatthehell binary opposition, affect, iconography, symptomatic reading means ... and then work on an essay about Reality TV (see where Big Brother comes in? :P)... and if I have time (which I'm pretty sure I WON'T have), I gotta work on heternormativity, signs, and effing hypertext.

Yeah. I know you're confused. I don't know what any of those things mean either. :P But I will know some of it by Thursday. Ha, ha, ha. Haaa.