Saturday, 7 November 2009

Monash merchandise, anyone?

Why is it that there's Monash University merchandise all over Australian campuses, but none of the cool ones being sold at the Sunway campus? :(

Xiang and I were discussing the prices and cool factors when I found an entire webpage full of merchandising info. That hoodie I wanted is a whopping 70AUD! The whole webpage's prices were seriously disappointing. Looks like the money-mindedness of the Monash enterprise isn't limited to the Malaysian management alone.

But there's no denying they've got cool stuff :(

Back home in the land of the free affordable, not so long ago Jenny stocked some studded tank tops which I loved but didn't buy - and now they're sold out and not restockable, toobadsosad - at her blogshop, J's Fashion Diary:

From Jenny's blogshop. That tank top is totally not that loose for me. :P

... and I realised I still have store credit at Melody's blogshop, so I decided to cash it in and get that studded tank top before someone else did. :P And there was like leftover store credit that was too little to get anything else, so I just got the bangles. :) Which will be useful.

One of the neighbours' niece is having a massive wedding ceremony in my neighbourhood, so all the roads are blocked. LOL. Seriously big kenduri, with like half a dozen tents and a mini-population of people here. But on the upside, we're invited to tomorrow's gala so .... free food! :D