Friday, 18 December 2009

What took so long?

Whoa. I haven't had a chance to blog here for nearly a month! Now that it's 6am, I'm finally sacrificing some sleep to siphon my memories here before time changes them! :)

Yours truly at Old Town White Coffee, Bangsar LRT Station

Last weekend, the "Room88 chatroom members" brought our online-shopping-kaki relationship offline - more specifically, to Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang Plaza. :D Despite the fact that Mechell was in the middle of exams (and yet still had the mood to shop! LOL!).

Cynthia Lee, Mechell Lee, Lydia Tong

Maybe you've never read about them on this blog before (besides Mechell). :) They're not really *new* friends, but not very old friends either. Maybe I should introduce them, since Cynthia and Lydia are my closest friends this summer! Apart from my 7 best friends of AnNie-TseMun-Vanessa-Leila-Denise-Carmen-Cheryl, I seem to have different sets of close friends every summer. And different friends during the semester. Hahhaha.

If I'm feeling lazy, I call her a batiker, although that's not really what she does. :P She's actually a sales and marketing manager at a batik gallery in Batu Caves, called "Meesha Sukira". Cool, right? :D She's a 30-year-old self-titled "Datin Diva", and my Guest Blogger on YSK.

Fellow 21-year-old, but she's working already. At OCK or ZTE or something like that. Graduated/graduating with a diploma in biz from KDU. My online shopping kaki for sure, haha! She's one of the few Chinese people I know who speak more Malay than English (or Chinese, for that matter), and speaks English like she's speaking Malay. LOL! She still has my mannequin. -_- Well, Mechell's mannequin. :P

Times Square & Sungei Wang | The haul from the long-awaited spree

For a shopping spree that I've been planning with them for over a month, I don't think we bought a lot of stuff. But I did manage to get the stuff that I've been thinking about for a long time - like the RM25 studded waist corset, which I got Lydia to get for me because I didn't want to speak to the donkeyfaced cashier (who still looked like the unhappiest person in Sg Wang, after so many months!). And I got my lace tubes (RM4.50 each) and maxi dresses (RM25 and RM29 only!), plus the bonus item: a floral bucket bag for RM10 only! :D Considering I spent under RM100 for the entire day of shopping, that's pretty awesome. :P

What else have I been doing for the past month? After Korea, I've only been eating, sleeping, going out and - mostly - blogging. It sounds like a leisurely thing, right? It's not!

My self-employed summer job: Full-time blogger!

It's exhausting. Rewarding, yes, but don't-know-it-til-you-try-it exhausting. I'm organising this huge series of giveaways and contests as part of my goodbye-I'm-going-on-hiatus, and I'm calling it "The Big Bang". I wonder if anyone worked out that it's a reference to "going out with a bang". :P

And with the end of The Big Bang, comes the end of 2009, and the end of YSK for now. :D I can smell the relief! No more long working hours and strict (and necessary!) self-imposed deadlines that turned a blog into a publishing house and advertisement company all in one. Hehe. :P

BUT just when I thought this meant I could chill out 24/7 in January and February, along came a job offer that the workaholic in me couldn't resist! :P Lee Ann, an ex-blogshop owner, is running a physiotherapy center in TTDI with her fiancee, and offered me a job as a part-time receptionist. Long story short, come January I'll be working 9 hours a day on weekends - but what a cool work experience it could be! :D

Definitely a new experience. I can't wait! :D The awesome thing is that it's only 2 days a week - Saturdays & Sundays - and it's only for four or five weekends. :)

On a final note, before hitting the sack for a few hours of shut-eye before going out with mum in the morning ... the Year End Sales are taking aeons to really start. I haven't bought anything from the whole Year End Sale thing yet. Haha. How do the shops expect us to help the country's economy if the REAL sale won't start?

Floral vintage-inspired dress from Cotton On

Of course, there are good deals around even without the Year End Sale's painfully slow pick-up. :P Like the dress (pictured above)? I loved it the first time I saw it a few months ago at Cotton On, but it was RM99 so I didn't buy it. Mum said to wait for it to go on sale. And guess what? On Tuesday, it really did go on sale - 50% discount - and I bought the last piece! It so happened that it was in my size, too! Goodness gracious. :D

And yep, that's the only thing I got offline (besides the spree). :P

Hermes-inspired faux ostrich skin bag from glossyaddiction

This bag is my 21st birthday present to myself. :D :D :D RM55 - not that cheap, but mum said I could buy it using angpow money I got from grandparents, hoho! So of course I did!

Floral bucket bag from Level 6, Sungei Wang Plaza for RM10

Because I always wanted a floral bag. :D Cynthia bought the exact same one too. Her mum uses it to store newspaper and extra slippers. :(

Lace leggings from My Clothes Affair | Lace-backed tank top from Mizu Closet

I didn't have to wait til I lost 20kgs after all! :D Wei Li wanted a closing down advertorial for her blogshop, so I told her she could just pay me with the black lace leggings instead of cash. It would've been the perfect exchange (especially considered we go way back to the beginning of YSK), except there's a small hole at the back of my leggings. :( But anyway, it fits really perfectly (plus-size lace leggings, where else to find?!) so ... hopefully the hole won't cause the entire thing to tear. :P Even if it does ... then too bad la.

Aaaand my last non-cash advertisement payment: the lace-backed top I always wanted to get, ever since I first saw it pop up in blogshops about 2 months ago! :D Patience does pay off, haha, now I can just write an ad for it instead of paying RM40+. :D

Last but not least, I'm so thankful that An Nie's bathroom injury has been "diagnosed" as just a muscle injury and not a spinal-cord injury as feared! :)

Will update this post with photos from Korea later. :)