Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Office (Season 1 Episode 3)

Kidding about the title. :P Although I'm gonna go and watch The Office after wrapping up this blog post. :D I love my comedy binges. Makes me happy. (:

Anyway, more pics from my first office job! :D

My office block in TTDI Plaza | Shamini & Vino

Shavinder's little art project. LOL.

My workspace looks different this weekend!

The booking list to book patients in for their appointments.

My data workload on Sunday. I completed it 2 minutes before my workday ended! :D I thought I wouldn't be able to (there were, like, 50 pages!) - but I wanted to see if I could, so I was totally racing with myself. Hahahahha!

I guess that makes data entry a li'l less boring! :P Two more weekends of my desk job, and I've got a new working experience to enlighten me. :)