Saturday, 16 January 2010

Project 2010.

It's prolly a li'l premature to say this, but I think my magnificently random fruit detox idea is bloody brilliant. Of course, I've had to modify it from the overambitious 5-consecutive-days-of-eating-nothing-but-fruits into a far more bearable eat-nothing-but-fruits-and-veggies-on-alternate-days plan. :D

Okay, so I overestimated my willpower - and I felt like dying by the time Detox Day 1 ended, and the only reason I could survive another day was knowing that I get to eat FOOD (glorious food!) the next day. Life is so much easier when you live it one day at a time! Lol.

And weirdly, on the next day, everything tasted so much more amazing - I felt like I'd been starving in a hole somewhere - because fruits are pretty much tasteless compared to real food (by real food I mean carbs). :D And I discovered the joy of drinking yoghurt on Detox Days, because when you have to eat nothing but fruits the entire day, bottled liquid yoghurt is like ... a godsend. A mindblowingly delicious godsend.

And then on days that I can eat "real" food - I feel like I'm making healthy, conscious choices. Because I don't want to blow it on something that isn't worth it. And by the end of the day, I'm actually looking forward to the whole crazy 24 hour detox. Joy!

I could get used to this general feeling of healthy-ness. :D AND how weird is it that I've got all this spare time on my hands because I'm not eating much on Detox Days - so I even have time to work out and work up a sweat. Whoa. Plus with all this holiday time on my hands - and my chairless existence at my work desk at home, since I BROKE MY CHAIR (don't laugh) - this would be a good time to get buckled down about getting fit. :P

And yes, I broke my chair. It's a long story that consists of my lifetime track record of breaking things, and a short story that consists of my frequent abuse of the swindly-wheeled chair. When I slid unexpectedly on to the floor, the first thing I did was burst out laughing. It was funny! :( In a sad and pathetic way. So now that I broke my chair, I don't like using the computer anymore because the new (temporary) chair is way too high up and my table becomes too low. Plus, my mouse clicking buttons went bust, too. I think everything just sorta gave way at the same time, like stars lining up in the sky ...

... which led me to Project Detox.

Plus it gives me something to look forward to everyday! Like, right now, Detox Day is ending - so I'm just about to go to bed dreaming about bacon and eggs. YUM. Breakfast is only 9 hours away!! :D Gotta go to the office tomorrow for work ... more data entry and customer care awaits me.

I'm giving myself the entire 2010 to get fit (and the rest of my life to stay fit). Project 2010, right? :) If this is my only non-academic project for the year, and if I could emulate the success of my previous pet projects, it could actually have a shot of not falling flat on its fat ass. :)