Thursday, 21 January 2010

A world on a swindly-wheeled chair.

Oh, crap.

Not even three months into a four-month summer break from uni, and my worst fear has come true.

I've forgotten a lot of people's names.

And as it almost always is the case with everything that I screw up, it's probably due to the fact that I live in this little bubble that has the words "ME", "ME", and "ME" embossed all over the exterior. To make up for my serious lack of social skills in remembering my FRIENDS' names, I'm gonna have to do a crash course on my cellphone and Facebook before semester starts ... again!

It horrifies me that sometimes I run through my Contact Book in my phone and I don't even remember who half the people are. Sure, I remember my closest friends and the ones I'm seeing a lot nowadays - but with 13 different units behind me, that means 13 different sets of classmates and friends. Including people I've befriended from the online shopping community and other friends-of-friends ... I've lost myself in my tangled web of networking.

Maybe I should just start Googling tips on how to deal with awkward situations where I don't recall people's names.