Thursday, 14 January 2010

The perfect table.

Today, I found the perfect table.

Spotted: Clearance corner in IKEA. RM398.

The table of my dreams. Smooth wood panelling.
Built-in shelves. Ready-set-go bookends.
Magazine rack. Spacious desktop.
The perfect table.

Verdict: Didn't buy. :( :( :( Won't fit into my room! :(

On a brighter note, after 2 weeks of self-imposed summer spring cleaning, my room is finally mess-free and insanely organized. :D From the cabinet to the chest of drawers to the table tops, everything has finally found its rightful place - and after the armies of dustbunnies that invaded the air during the spring cleaning, I've learnt (the hard way) that everything should be kept in closed boxes/shelves whenever possible.

I even organized my bag drawers! :D And labelled everything. I get such a high off labelling! If I do well in whatever my next project is, I'm going to reward myself with a DYMO Electronic Labelling Machine. :D :D :D The best offer I found for it is RM79 in TESCO. It's absolutely magical! :D

The outfit I wore when the Juice mag people took "style shots" (LOL) of Shang and I.

I never managed to go to Laundry in time to get that magazine. :( I guess I'll never know how much I embarassed myself in that photo. If someone out there reading this has the December 2009 issue of JUICE magazine, please let me know!

Last piece of news from me before I go MIA from the cyberworld again for a while -
CNY is coming. FAST.

Like a horror movie hurricane.

When the going gets tough, the flabby get tough! I'm totally going on that Hollywood 5-day fruit detox I heard about on TV. Starting today! :D Dragged Mummy to TESCO yesterday to buy lots and lots of fruits. :D Will report back dutifully on how this experiment goes! Let's see if Channel E! speaks the truth. :P

Farewell my darling carbohydrates!