Thursday, 25 February 2010

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright."

Kevin (my course manager) fixed my timetable! :D Yay! So since I'm blogging, I might as well blog about how it's the year of the Tiger, and I'm itching to wear something with a tiger-print on it.

I've already begun my hunt for my perfect Tiger-print top, and I figure it'll look awesome with that tiger-tooth necklace I know is somewhere in the house. :D But this makes me wonder why I didn't wear oxes or pigs during their animal zodiac years. :P

Cotton On lace-print Kenza tank, RM49 | Bottom row from Forever 21, USD14-18

At least one thing I don't have to look for anymore - a lace tank. :D I'm in love my lace-print (but made of viscose, not lace - so it's just so much more loose and comfy!) Kenza top from Cotton On. :P I just found it on the Aussie website, and for some reason, it's AUD19.95 - meaning RM60 - there! Makes me happy to think my RM49 was practically a bargain. Lol!

Next part of the angpow spree: The Curve! FOS, IKEA and friends (: