Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Learning how to stop worrying has truly changed my life. And a big part of that includes thanking Dale Carnegie for his book, "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living". :D

As part and parcel of the bi-annual Back-To-School-Blues, there's a lot to be done in terms of allocating our timetables, making sure all our units are in order, and preparing shelf space for the onslaught of ridiculously thick handbooks that are to come! So imagine how annoyed I felt when my timetable wasn't allocated properly (technical glitches that still remain unsolved) and I couldn't even contact the technical person-in-charge because his email inbox was maxed out and my message got bounced back to me. -_-"

So, now I haven't been allocated to my international studies lecture. The class just doesn't exist on my timetable! Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I have permission to skip it. :P And being the fantastically anal and obsessive compulsive me, I couldn't just let it go - I had to re-route the email to my course manager (Kevin) just to let someone know something was wrong. I mean, if it was really a problem that needed fixing - and if it took time to fix it - I would want to know I did everything I could to give them enough time to fix it. Let's not forget that Friday is a public holiday.

Very beh song la. :( How can something so simple and automated go wonky? Even more annoying is that I don't know if it even matters that the timetable whacked one of my classes out. Does it mean I'm not in the system? Does it mean my exam registration info for that class will not exist? My international studies coursemate, Brendan (Carmen's cousin! :D) tells me his international studies units all have the same problem too.

But anyway, while Monash fixes it (and they'd better do it soon coz class is starting on Monday!) - I finally went on that angpow-spending spree I've been so excited about! :D So this is where Dale Carnegie came in, because while the pre-Carnegie me would have not quit worrying about the stupid timetable, the post-Carnegie me decided that I would just systematically approach the situation:
1. Check timetable and Monash webmail once a day to see if response received or problem fixed.
2. If problem persists into next week when semester starts, consult course manager in person and discuss resolution.
:D So this is how I kept it off my mind and totally enjoyed my shopping spree! :D Fellow obsessive compulsive comrades can follow in my footsteps. :P

A door toy from Fix-It! :D Only RM4.99, how adorable!

Cardi-top from Marks & Spencer | Peacock feather kimono top from Forever 21

Brunch at 1-Utama with Mummy, followed by shopping for gadgets, food, and clothes (yay!). :D We went to all our favourite shops (hehe!) - and surprising myself, I didn't buy anything from Cotton On today. LOL! But guess who we saw!

Right: Pamela Chong, star of Talentime & winner of Amazing Race Asia

I was wayyyy too shy to say hi. :(