Monday, 22 February 2010

"I am the eggman. Woo!"

It's that time of the year. Angpow tallies are in, and it's time to go on that annual angpow splurge! :D

Someone once said to me, "U r a floral freak." I responded: "Hehe thank you!"

All I want to do is laze around in floral clothes all day. Especially long floral tanks! I'm so excited to go shopping next week, hehe! I'll go after I Allocate+ my timetable for the upcoming semester.

You know how angmohs have the rule that you're supposed to save 20% from your paycheck, and you can spend 80%? Mum's ground rule is that I can spend 20% of my angpow money and we can save the other 80%. LOL! But because last year I only spent, like, RM40 from the angpows, it's a massive upgrade this year for me. Hahahaha!

Apart from my unquenchable thirst for shopping, after seven years of unintended abstinence, I've rediscovered the wonder of Mahjong. The joyful click-clack of the powder-white tiles smacking against each other, the careful arranging and rearranging of tiles in my perpetual rookie-level playing, and the mini adrenaline rush from winning the battles (even if it's not the End Game War). :D Plus I love the fact that I get to play without having to gamble with money!

It's just not 100% fun if there's hard-earned money involved. :P

On a final note, I officially know how to play The Sims 3. :D I created the one Sim to play with - and then over time she even had twins! Which was kinda shocking because I suddenly had to look after three Sims. :/

My Sim with her commitment-phobe boyfriend and her two kids :)

Awww, babies are so cute! :P I want real babies! But just ONE, since it was so hard for my Sim to take care of two fake ones! LOL.

There was a lot of hilarious rearranging of furniture and buying and selling stuff, and how I eventually figured out that "WooHoo!" was basically Simlish shortcut for "Have Sex With". :P Which resulted in the twin boys! This game kinda has tonnes of adult content and subtle innuendoes not suitable for kids, so maybe it's not a children's computer game after all. ;)

But now that I've wrapped my head around how The Sims works (basically mission accomplished! Hehe!) - it's time to start focusing on my academic career again! :P Because I'm a big nerd that way. :D Maybe this semester I could even aim to keep up with my readings! Aim for the stars, right? Haha!

Btw, how cool is Urban Dictionary? :D