Sunday, 28 February 2010

The only sport I play is mahjong.

I feel like going for the Queer As Films screening this Sunday at Central Market! "The Naked Civil Servant" is a sexy enough title, no? :P

The Naked Civil Servant, not totally naked!

The new semester is starting tomorrow, and I'm getting all revved up to start digging into 'em Hitchcock films! :D One of the four units I'm taking this semester is called Authorship & Writing, and I think a part of it is about studying Alfred Hitchcock. I've never watched any of his films before, so it'll be cool to start! :D

Alfred Hitchock

Speaking of cool - here are a couple of things that made me go "OMG!":
  • Lydia sort of got a Blackberry! Omg! Only my dream phone ever! Haha!

But I would never buy this because of the maintenance payments,
so this'll remain strictly a dream phone only! :P

  • I just found out that Mei knew/worked with Ewan McGregor when she was 22! Omg! She even shared a cigarette with him! Omg! I totally disapprove of smoking, but this is still incredibly worthy exciting news to vicariously live through! Since I'm turning 22 this year, I wonder if I'll get to meet Ewan McGregor? :P

I would like to have the above for my 22nd birthday :D

And what's the coolest thing I've done in February? Learn to play mahjong! Haha!