Monday, 1 March 2010


Spotted: A red version in the Monash parking bay! That lucky fella!

Today was the much-anticipated glorious first day back at uni, first day of a brand-spanking-new semester! :D After queueing at the Finance counter for an hour to pay my tuition fees, I made a note to myself to never pay fees on the first day again - wait til, like, Day 3 for the crowd to thin! - and then headed off to a pretty relaxing day of only one Cultural & Communications Policy lecture.

The class in itself was awesome because guess who's joined Monash? :D Nadia Rosli! My friend from a billion years ago! We were so excited to see each other again, haha! She called her mum after class to tell her she met me again, and I called my mum when I was walking to my car to tell her the same thing! Haha!

Then my friends and I saw the new upgrades the library has undergone!

Upgrade 1: Previously inconvenient student drive is now online and convenient!

I'm really thrilled about this, coz now I don't have to wait to use a school computer!

Upgrade 2: All campus computers are now running on Windows 7! Oh, my!

Upgrade 3: New look for the library's info-zone!

Upgrade 4: New chairs, new carpet!

This was kinda of an unnecessary upgrade :/ Why not use the extra funds to build more parking bays or give more scholarships?

The only bummer of the day was the fact that Monash Australia forgot to send our unit materials for this Policy subject. :( So, while they clean up and ship our stuff over, we have no unit books and assignment information. The domino effect begins here - our first assignment deadline will be postponed, which could potentially build up with other assignments... etc, etc. Oh, well. What to do.