Saturday, 27 February 2010

"When I grow up, I want to be a registered voter."

2157. Today, the number means something to me now. It was my waiting number at the post office. Today, I took my first step to exist in the EC (SPR) system. :D I've gone to the post office, brought my MyKad (identification card) and registered. Three cheers for democracy!

Because it takes a whole year for my registration to be confirmed and made official - as in, 365 days from the time I register to the time I'm allowed to start voting - I don't technically exist in the voter database yet. :( When I turned 21 three months ago, the post office people said registration wasn't open yet. Now, they're saying it was open all along ... whatthe?

I hate that my registration form categorises us into "Melayu", "Cina", "India", and "Dan Lain-lain". I hate that they make it compulsory to state a religion. The only thing that matters is that I'm a Malaysian, right?

But because this is the best that my country offers, I'll take it. :) Because getting to vote is better than not having the right to vote at all!

Besides, word on the grapevine is that elections are coming soon. Really soon! I can only hope that it's more than a year from now, so that I have a chance to vote too. :P

Every vote counts! Our ancestors fought for the right to vote. We must not waste it.

Oh, and to celebrate, Mummy took me shopping at The Curve, IKEA and TESCO! :D I did mention that my angpow spree wasn't quite done yet. :P I got myself more photo frames from Ikea for my new hobby (... themed photo frame decor! I've been collecting scraps of materials everywhere) - and then scoured FOS (oh ye wunnerful factory rejects!).

The Curve & FOS
Girly goodies: Pink tops from FOS | White eyelet bustier from Curve's flea market :D

Then on a whim, I decided to check out the flea market - and lo and behold, I stumbled upon a little stall with white dresses and tops from top to bottom, and found myself the most gorgeous bustier (in my size) that I've ever seen in real life! The little stall was kinda upscale for a flea market - all the prices were between RM59 to RM159 - but the clothes were just so pretty! In fact, this was the most crowded stall in the entire strip - one small woman even elbowed me out of the way to get to a dress. And I had to hold on tight to the bustier (it was the last piece!) because I knew that if I put it back on the rack, someone would grab it at once. LOL!

The stall was full of girls and women grabbing and checking stuff out - and buying! It was a corner stall, so maybe the feng shui was very good or something, hehe! Anyway, mum wouldn't let me buy it for the original price of RM69, so I bargained my way down to RM55, then bought it. :D So although it was cheaper than if I bought it from one of the American websites or in a boutique, RM55 wasn't exactly cheap or a bargain, but I was a sucker for the bustier the first moment I laid my eyes on it! And it fits (thank goodness!) so it's totally worth it. :P

Bargain: Top from FOS, RM20 | Not bargain: Bustier from flea market, RM55

My vision of the bustier is with a cardigan - it's way too 18SX without, lol! And I also learnt, from owning my very first bustier, that it's not so easy to wear one! After I put it on, I need to adjust the back straps (cross-backed on mine) and also tie the strings in front. I didn't do any of the two steps in the photo above (hehe) so it doesn't look like how it should... yet! But anyway. I'm so thrilled that I got a bustier! :D

PS: Finally cashed out my Nuffnang earnings the other day! :) As always, it'll take a month or so for the cheque to reach me. But it feels good to finally get paid for my Watsons advertorial and the other ads! :D

PS: My latest eye candy - a girl always needs one, hehe! - this floral denim bag from :) Bag wonderland! Totally gonna check out the real thing the next time I go to Centrepoint!