Friday, 5 March 2010

Attack of the Staplers

This is a very dangerous device.

With the start of a new semester comes a lot of filing and tabbing and stapling - and in so doing, I've done something to my right hand that's made it painful. :( I feel like I can't grip anything properly. Oh, woe!

Apart from the physical dangers of harmless-looking stationery, I went out for brunch and shopping with Mum today! :D We went to 1U because I wanted to go to Cotton On - and then I wound up not buying anything from Cotton On (yet again!) - but found a couple of discounted treasures from Dorothy Perkins! :) They had a few racks of stuff with 50% and 70% markdowns, which was so unbelievably awesome. :D

Dorothy Perkins bargain treasures
Floral pink rose bustier | Coral pink tank dress

Words cannot describe how in love I am with the floral bustier. :D I mean, it even has the classic corsettish features like the boning, except this one is smocked for that comfy fit. And it was the last piece, on clearance (50% discount). And it was more or less in my size! :) And the coral tank dress was just so pretty, on 70% discount which made it around RM20 - and long enough for me!

Dorothy Perkins pink rose floral bustier
Finally, a floral bustier. :)