Thursday, 4 March 2010

"Happy Mother's Day!" ... "But it's not Mother's Day."

Big score for the LOL! board today. :P Long story short - I thought next weekend was Mother's Day, so I concocted an elaborate plan to go to Ikea without Mummy finding out, then buy her the vase I know she'll like - and then go home and surprise her. :D

So, my original plan was to kidnap Jenny - one of my Monash BFFs! - after our Thursday lunch with Hammy and Jung Ai, and Jenny would navigate the way to Ikea while I drove. But, and to my horror, Jenny decided this would be a great chance to force me to drive alone in the car - so she drove her car and made me trail hers with mine! Jenny, of course, had a real ball - LOL-ing everytime I had to speed up whenever a car was showing signs of cutting between our titchy little Myvis. I was a white-knuckled driver all the way from Monash to Ikea and from Ikea to my house, lol!

But we survived, and when I got home I had a tray of gifts for Mummy: the Ikea vase with decorative flowers, a pair of (neatly-folded-by-ME!) grey sweatpants, and currypuffs. :P Just to capture that complete Ikea/Ikano experience.

Mother's Day gift
Clear Ikea Rektangel Vase, with rosy pink Smycka Art Coro manufactured pussywillow flowers :)

Of course, my attempt to "surprise!" my mother was successful - especially since it turns out Mother's Day is all the way in MAY! :/

It turns out that in the UK, Mother's Day is celebrated in March - which is why, when I went to Marks & Spencer's website, there were promo posters everywhere. Which is why I thought Mother's Day was on March 14th. :P LOL!

All thanks to Marks & Spencer.

And some photos from our little adventure today! :D FOS was having a warehouse clearance sale in IKANO (until March 14th, people!), so Jenny and I got a little distracted. Hehe! This is where I got the grey sweatpants for my mum! :)

Jenny! Thanks so much for all your help! :D