Thursday, 1 April 2010

We had a yellow day.

Hammy's come up with this new policy for our dress code: Red Tuesdays, Yellow Thursdays! I'm not sure if she's dancing on the fence for the whole Thailand political turmoil thingamajig, but it sure is fun to dress according to colours. :D Until we get bored and change up the colours, that is. :P

Shangari | Me | Jenny

By the way, see the plate of rice in front of Jenny? IndoZest, the most profitable vendor in the whole Monash Uni cafeteria, performed a major league fail in serving decent rice today. It was lumpy and sticky, with horrible texture and taste, and Jenny described it as "half-cooked rice pudding". Long story short, it was overpriced - the three of us all paid at least RM5 each for a plate of rice & 1-2 "lauk" (dishes, sort of) and the worst thing we've ever tasted in the cafeteria.

The thing I don't understand is, the food at IndoZest usually tastes quite alright - which is why it's the most popular stall in the cafeteria - but why did today's food taste so shitfully bad? :( The overpriced part we can almost understand - since all the food in the cafeteria is overpriced anyway - but the weird rice?

We're gonna stay away from IndoZest for a while now. At least until we've gotten that taste out of our mouths.

PS: I yelled at the TV when Didi Benami was given the boot from Idol. :( I still can't believe the judges didn't save her! Now I'm rooting for Aaron Kelly.