Monday, 8 March 2010

“My friend has a baby. I'm recording all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant.” -Stephen Wright

I loooooooooove babies.

Sometimes I think that my entire purpose in life is to get married and have lots of adorable babies. So today, I had the following conversation with Datin.
Me: Hey what would you name your kids? I wanna name my kids Cerie, Sunday, and Milo.
Cynth: Your kids will be traumatised! Milo Ais satu!
Me: LOL.
Cynth: Get a boyfriend first.

On the subject of Mr Right ... I reckon I've liked the same guy for a year now, and I should really ... stop. :/ And totally just move on. I guess I need to start loving the treadmill in the living room. Heeee.

PS: Datin wants to name her kid Mariam.

Footnote (added on Tuesday 9th March 2010):
Lydia: wtf
datin wants to name her kid MARIAM
u wanna name ur kids Sunday Milo?
damn lala
Me: u know what is lala anot
Lydia: lala is jinjang

Me: ok lah what would u name ur kids? :P
Lydia: ummm.. Lydia Mathilda Janet Mian
hahahaha or Melanie Rae Li
whaaaaaa nice name hahahaha
or Giselle Bunchen-not Lea Wong
WOW nice names!!!!
Me: what is Bunchen-not
Lydia: giselle bunchen ma
so i wanna say NOT bunchen
dunno how to explain

Note to readers: It's Bündchen lah! :P


Lydia said...

make her die when writing her name.