Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dude, where's my car?

Twenty-five percent of my Monash experience involves, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, the parking bay.

For a start, every week I stumble upon my dream car. That yellow Volkswagen bug.

Remember, remember, the ninth of March.

This particular one comes installed with a large GPS screen and two yellow rubber ducklings on the dashboard. I would've pressed my nose up against the window in my longing if I weren't afraid of the car's owner calling the campus security on me. :P In my defense - all I want to do is shake her hand!

And then on the dark end of the spectrum, the horrors of overcrowding. :( For greedy mysterious reasons, Monash has allowed an all-too-large intake of new students this semester - leading to a tuna-packed version of a paid parking bay. I'm sure the administration does realise, of course, that a multi-storey parking bay would solve our parking nightmares. I hope they will now regret wasting spending all that money recarpeting the library and refurbishing the chairs.

Behold! The vision of beauty that greets students every glorious Monday morning:

In case you're wondering, the green sign says, "PARKING FULL. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE".

I have a green sign in my car too. It says: "University FULL of it all right. Please take SORRY sign and place it where the sun doesn't shine."

Doesn't help that there are actually students who park like the whole damn carpark revolves around them! :( I'm pretty sure you can imagine how frustrating it feels to go round and round and round and then come across this:

Dear car owner, thank you for taking up two spaces when the carpark is already lacking space.

Pretty much all my friends who drive to Monash are pissed off with the university. Don't get me wrong, I love Monash - but that doesn't stop me from getting mad at them when they do stupid things.

To end on a more positive note, Hammy and I sure enjoyed watching Weiyan's film ("The Colour of Ideas") today! :D The whole short film was done via something called "stop motion editing" (if I'm not mistaken) and his entire cast were made up of M&M's.

PS: Have you guys like, seen Ian Somerhalder? You could just die from how beautiful he is. Omg.

PS: Uncovered dusty old scandal re my alma mater, SMKDJ. :P Read here and here.