Saturday, 13 March 2010

Nuffed and snuffed

Ordinarily, at this time on a Saturday, I'd still be asleep. But today, I'm up and blogging about two things before lunch. :D

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1) Snuffed: Perhaps I'm reading a little too much between the lines, but is it just me or is there an agenda in highlighting the PKR-ness in a story like this? I feel awfully sad and sorry for the soldier who died so tragically and suddenly, but the news story was written in such a way that it left me more with the impression of "PKR people caused death of wonderful soldier of our nation" instead of "Tragic accident involving people who serve our country".

2) Nuffed: Topic #2 is why I woke up at 8am today! Nuffnang invited me to a Digi & Mysimplifieds (& perhaps Paypal as well) event at D'House, Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Shah Alam. It was basically a community talk, forum, and product launch all in one - and best summarised here. :P

In our very floral maxi dresses, Jenny and I set off for that faraway land - armed only with a Myvi and a GPS. :D

Self-studded quilted bag. Friend-made yellow rose ring.
Jen putting on make-up in the car. Jen's car filled with shoes.
LOL. Like Datin's car!

We arrived late. :P Crashed the party and headed for the pastries, haha!

The coolest thing in our goodie bags: Bought-Sold signs!

And the awesome people I hung out with:

Left to right: Jenny, Teoh Xinxian (Nuffnang Blogger Relations Executive), Kye Li

Kye Li is wearing a floral bustier from ASOS! So pretty right? :D
Oh oh and she won the grand prize for the lucky draw, a Cyber-shot Sony camera!
Congrats babe! :D

The rest of us didn't win any free stuff, so we settled for the free food :P

Jenny thinks the "Bought & Sold" sign is soooo funny. :P

And so that was my first Nuffnang-related event! :) Thanks for the invite, Nuffnang! And Digi! And Mysimplifieds! And PayPal! LOL. It was interesting to learn about different types of online shopping - oh I got invited as Your Shopping Kaki - besides the blogshop world.

PS: My hair looks like I got electrocuted because I had a stroke of genius yesterday where I would braid my hair all day. But then when I unbraided it, my big hair happened. :( And then it just got bigger and bigger throughout the day. LOL. LESSON LEARNT!