Friday, 12 March 2010

What exactly is censored?

Hallelujah, it's the weekend! :D My only class today was an hour-long Online Journalism tutorial with Mr Jeswant Singh - and it was so fun! I almost always love journalism tutorials, and today we got started on creating our test blogs on Wordpress for one of our assessments. :D

But before that, Mr Jeswant asked us to load any YouTube video on the computers we were using, to test if the software was working. Naturally, I loaded one of the American Idol vids on Didi Benami :P I didn't realise my lecturer was standing next to me, until he said, "Is she one of your favourites?" If your lecturer watches American Idol (because he knew about Crystal Bowersox and the whole Adam Lambert shocking-non-win last year too), he has got to be a cool lecturer.

Top 8 guys, who performed yesterday. Results show for guys & girls tonight!

I'm glad my Online Journalism lecturer has real working experience with multimedia journalism (he used to work in The Star), because I'm really looking forward to learning everything I need to do know about copyright and IP issues - starting with Creative Commons. :D

But before all that, another long week is finally over! :D I was grinning ear-to-ear as I piled into my car with my trusty orange bag, a copy of today's newspaper and this month's issue of CLEO. The Star and CLEO are quite possibly the only two print media I read. Sometimes The Sun too, but I don't really read newspapers. Lol. And I call myself a journalism major!

The "Remove before flight" tag is there because it looks like it doesn't belong there. :P

Mei dropped by today with my humongous yellow rose ring! :D :D :D Thank you Mei!!

Btw, Failbook is hilarious! People send in all the funny and stupid stuff they see on Facebook (especially status updates) ... and I laughed so hard I cried! For example:

This Is Why I Only Do Blow With People From Myspace
Courtesy of Failbook

Speaking of the funny stuff people say, here's one of the funniest things I've heard in classes so far. Student2 is a guy, one of the exchange students from Australia. :P
Lecturer: Do you feel that there's censorship on the Internet?
Student1: Here? No.
Student2: Yeah there is!
Lecturer: Really? You've come across websites and other such things that the government here has censored?
Student3: Not really.
Student2: I have!
Lecturer: Oh? Can you give us an example?
Student2: Oh, I dunno ... (mumbles) ... some porn sites.