Thursday, 11 March 2010

WTH Thursdays

Hold on to 'em censorship buttons high horses, I'm not cussing. I'm merely introducing you to the number plates on Hammy's new car!

Seeing as how nerds of a feather flock together, of course Hammy got a Perodua Myvi. :P Jenny and I both drive Myvis, hehe! So do my non-Monash BFFs like Tse Mun, Vanessa and An Nie (sort of). The number of Myvis in the Monash parking bay itself is astounding. The second-most popular car would probably be ... I dunno, actually. Some silvery car. Lol!

With tags practically as cool as vanity plates, I should've expected it from the same girl who commemorated the first day we met by uploading a photo on Facebook with a modified quote from Casablanca.
Rick said, "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine."
Shangari said, "Of all scholarship ceremonies in all the universities, she had to walk into mine."
Monash scholarship awards
I thought it was so sweet that I even took a screenshot. LOL.

And look what that sweet girl gave me today!! A link-chain bracelet - and nobody even knew I kinda wanted one! It's like a blank canvas to thread ribbon through or clasp charms on to ... ohmygosh I totally love it so much. Hammy is so sweet and thoughtful! :) :) :)

It's extra special because it's not even my birthday or anything. Lol!

Apart from the fact that Thursdays are exhaustively exhausting (one lecture and three tutorials omg), I finally paid a visit to the library today to sit down and use it. It's shockingly hard to find an empty table ... so I gave up the hunt and settled with one of those pretty (but not very practical) new chairs the university burnt our money on.

I was bored waiting for one of my tutorials to start. :P

I think the thing that I'm most thankful for on Thursdays is my weekly 12pm lunch with Jen and Hammy. :D One of the more important things I learnt from Hammy this semester:
Me: He must've been a Nazi.
Shang: Why?
Me: Because his hair is blonde.
Shang: ??!
Me: Remember The Sound of Music? Liesl's boyfriend became a Nazi, and then he dyed his hair blonde. So I figured, when you become a Nazi you have to bleach your hair blonde or something.
Me: ... no?
Shang: ... no.

Today amidst laughing fits, we retold the joke to Jenny, and then for some reason I gained new confidence in my blonde Nazi theory:
Me: Hey are you absolutely sure Nazis don't have to dye their hair blonde?
Shang: I'm sure.
Me: Name me one Nazi guy who isn't blonde, besides Hitler.
Shang: Umm... ok, remember Inglorious Basterds? There was a General -
Me: No no that doesn't count, Inglorious Basterds is fiction!
Shang: ... and The Sound of Music isn't?