Wednesday, 10 March 2010

“I don't like that man. I must get to know him better.” -Abraham Lincoln

Here's my theory about first impressions: Most of the time, I suck at them!

Remember how I blogged about how I categorised my first impressions of this season's American Idol contestants? That's because I had a feeling that my opinions would change - and sure enough, they have! The turning point was tonight's episode, the Top 8 girls.
1. One of my new favourites is definitely Siobhan Magnus! I started out totally opinionated about how her wonky teeth wasn't commercially viable, but now I realise that her voice is awesome and that my teeth are wonky too - so if she wins, that's a score for all wonky-toothed people in the world! :P
2. I'm still rooting for Didi Benami and Crystal Bowersox - especially since two of my four top faves have been given the boot (already).
3. I haven't decided yet who my favourite male contestants are, although Lee Dewyze and Casey James are easily the hottest. :D
Another revelation: One of my favourite songs is "Smile" (:

On a more HarryPotterish note, The Tales of Beedle The Bard are now going for only RM10.75 in Tesco! :D To top it all off, it's in hardcover. Of course I grabbed one. :P

Originally started retailing in Malaysia for nearly RM50!

Also a useful shopping plug for just about anyone - the FOS Warehouse Sale in IKANO is the perfect place to update those basics in your wardrobe! :D You've got until this Sunday before it ends. Everything's on 50% - 70% discount, and everything my mum and I bought were under RM10. And FOS hosts names like Gap, H&M, Banana Republic and more! :) Quality stuff for whimsical prices - especially during warehouse sales.

My half of the loot :P

Spent the entire late afternoon ogling Maria's widdle baby, and getting my hands and feet licked by Zaro, their terrifyingly gigantic German shepherd.

I don't know which is more frightening - the fact that Zaro is a massive dog trained to guard and attack, or the fact that he thinks he is a chihuahua.