Thursday, 15 April 2010

1Malaysia, apparently.

I dunno why one of Jenny's friends saw this pic on Facebook and then commented:

"oooh 1Malaysia!"

Hey I just realised I haven't been putting photos of my new friends this semester! :P

Edeline Goh a.k.a. Freshie! | Santushi Witanachchi a.k.a. Sri Lankan Sushi

Azusa a.k.a. Japanese Exchange Student from Monash Clayton

Got more people but no pics ... yet :P There are two incredibly smouldering-hot guys in my tutorials this semester, one in my Policy tute and one in my International Studies tute. Like seriously smouldering. If only you could see photos! But even then I wouldn't publish them on my blog like an idiot, because it would be totally embarassing if they Googled themselves (keyword: "smouldering-hot guys") and found this site. They are both foreign and neither are Mister Eight - although Mister Eight is still the best of the best, of course :P

I've finally figured out how to kill the one hour I have before International Studies tutorials on Thursday after lunch :D Go to the top floor of the library, which is right next to the tutorial room - and read Authorship novels. :P As pictured above!


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Hahah sri lankan sushi!! Lovin the name
Can't wait for sat