Saturday, 17 April 2010

Monash Extreme Sports Carnival. Say whaaat?

Who would've thought Monash could be synonymous with shopping? :P

Sushi with her latest additions to her wardrobe - a studded tank and a ruffled dress!

The long-awaited Monash Extreme Sports Carnival Bazaar was today! :D

Santushi (SUSHI!) was my shopping kaki today! :D

After we scoured the bazaar for stuff to buy - and after we couldn't take the sweltering heat anymore - we went off to Pyramid for lunch! :D We took the free shuttle service that I never knew Sunway offered, lol! Now I know - and it's so convenient! It comes every 15-20 minutes, stopping at a few destinations including Monash Uni and Sunway Pyramid. :P

Sushi introduced me to Mantra for lunch. We sat through a very interesting cult meeting.

No, I'm only joking :P

Mantra is this Asian-food restaurant in Pyramid - it's got Thai, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese dishes.

Food was DELICIOUS! :D

I had pineapple fried rice, Sushi had briyani. Yum yum yum!

And then, we decided to walk off the food by shopping! :D Yayyyy! *Hallelujah chorus* As it turns out, Pyramid is actually a fantastic place for shopping - besides having all the usual high-street fashion retailers like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Forever 21, it also has this entire techno-style square called "Asian Avenue". And OMG that place is exactly like Sungei Wang and Times Square! Prices maybe RM5-RM10 higher, but totally affordable considering it's so much easier to get to Pyramid than Bukit Bintang.

The number of maxi dresses in Forever 21!

My spoils for the day:

Studded black tank from Cotton On, RM29 (last piece price, down from RM89 - whoa!)
Tiger tank top from Lush Serendipity (Update: I re-sold this off online :P)

Floral maxi dress from Moi Closette, RM45
There's a really cool twisted rope at the back that I love too! :D And it was so nice to meet Nicole (the owner of Moi Closette) at last! :) Fun fact - this blogshop was actually YSK's very very very first advertiser! :P Like, within the first week of YSK's start-up, and I'll totally never forget how grateful I am for her support so many months ago (and ever since then, actually!) :D


Coral pink cross-stitch maxi dress from Forever 21, RM149

I can't even express in words how hard I look for maxi dresses that are actually long enough for me, and fit me well! AAHH!! Joy. I also found the lace bangle I've been harping about from Diva, and it was only RM39 and not RM59 like I thought - but I didn't buy it. I went for the maxi instead! :D

Also helped Lydia buy vintage earrings for her mum, and helped Cynthia buy a striped maxi dress from Forever 21 (only RM79 for a maxi from F21, totally not bad!) :D

Conversation of the day
Jaclyn wanted to buy a vintage camera pendant necklace, but it's RM49 so she's hesitant.
Jaclyn: RM49
Cynth: buy a bungalow la
Jaclyn: i wish, with RM49
Cynth: ahahhaha
buy a guy with rm49
me: if u have spare change pls buy my lace bangle too
Jaclyn: hahaahaha
not enough to pay ur lace bangle
me: :( stupid DiVa so expensive
Jaclyn: stupid camera pendant so expensive
Cynth: stupid money- doesnt grow by itself


nathaliez said...

the maxi is nice..looking so sweet in it :)